Fireside Theatre: Man of the Comstock (1953) Bruce Bennett as Bill Stewart

Bonanza: The Outcast (1960) Edward Platt as Harvey Bufford

Bonanza: Death at Dawn (1960) Bill Edwards as Mr. Cameron

Bonanza: The Spanish Grant (1960) Patricia Medina as Rosita Morales

Bonanza: The Julia Bulette Story (1959) Jane Greer as Julia Bulette

Bonanza: Horse of a Different Hue (1966) Julie Parrish as Patty Lou Fairchild

Road to Avonlea: A Mother's Love (1991) Lally Cadeau as Janet King

Road to Avonlea: Tug of War (1993) Mag Ruffman asOlivia Dale

Road to Avonlea: Aunt Janet Rebels (1992) Irene Hogan as Mrs. McCorkadale

Murdoch Mysteries: Til Death Do Us Part (2008): Waneta Storms as Eunice McGinty

Murdoch in Toyland (2012): Sarah Manninen as Verna Bowden

Road to Avonlea: Heirs and Graces (1993) Elva Mai Hoover as Mrs. Lawson

Murdoch Mysteries: The Curse of Beaton Manor (2010): Stephanie Langton as Rowena Beaton

Murdoch Mysteries: Evil Eye of Egypt (2012): Jill Frappier as Mrs. Xavier McAllister

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: A Cowboy's Lullaby (1993) Jane Seymour as Dr. Quinn

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Circus (1994) Lisa Rieffel as Atlantis

Road to Avonlea: Felicity's Perfect Beau (1993) Gema Zamprogna as Felicity King

Road to Avonlea: Christmas in June (1995) Molly Atkinson as Cecily King

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Where the Heart Is: Part 2 (1993)

Doctor Who: The Unquiet Dead (2005) Uknown Actor as Mr. Redpath's grandmother

North and South Book III (1994) Terri Garber as Ashton Main Fenway

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Cooper vs. Quinn: Part 2 (1995) Kaitlin Hopkins as Lillian Cooper

Master And Commander (2003) Russell Crowe as Jack Aubrey

Once Upon a Time: Good Form (2013) Bernard Curry as Liam

Ouat: The Stable Boy (2012) Bailee Madison as Young Snow White

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: And They Lived... (2014 ) Amelia Wilkinson as Alice's Daughter

Murdoch Mysteries: Murdoch Ahoy (2013) Miranda Millar as Amy MacFarlane

Murdoch Mysteries: Great Balls of Fire (2016): Caroline Palmer as Faye Sloan

Murdoch Mysteries: Election Day (2015) Zoe Fraser as Agnes Macphail

Once Upon a Murdoch Christmas (2016) Jeni Ross as Vicky Parsons

Howard's End (2017) Hayley Atwell as Margaret Schlegel - Credit: Recycledmoviecostumes

Murdoch Mysteries S11 (2018) Helene Joy as Julia Ogden

Legends of Tomorrow: Out of Time (2016) Caity Lotz as Sara Lance

A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017): Unown Actor as Lady